Mr. Luke Vernon is the second builder to be featured in our Builders Spotlight feature where we feature different aspects of the amazing Vape Culture that we are proud to belong to and support. If every vape shop was lucky enough to have a guy like Luke hanging out at their build counter, they would be blessed! That said, we certainly feel fortunate that you can often find Luke sitting at our build counter, tools out playing with his favourite RDA’s, creating some awesome coils. It’s artistry in motion, and it’s one of my favourite things about having a brick and mortar vape shop- where everyone can come in, vape out the shop, learn about vaping, make some friends and (sometimes) build some really cool shit. Not only is Luke a talented coil creator and passionate vape enthusiast, he is also a really nice dude too, and in true vape community fashion he and his lovely lady Heather have become great friends of ours! He is the kind of guy that will gladly sit and help a newer vaper with starter questions or build advice, and I really appreciate vapers who enrich our community with kindness, knowledge and positivity.

Q. I am always interested in knowing what every vapers journey has been like, Can you tell me how long have you been vaping, and in what way has it influenced your life?  

A. “I have been vaping for 1 year and 8 months. Really vaping has made a much larger impact on my life than I could have imagined. Not only do I feel a lot healthier, but I’ve also been able to grasp at a fun hobby. I love collecting mods, attys, anything vaping related as well as building awesome coils and coming up with new designs. I love following the vaping community and staying up to date on new products and new concepts by people, as well as the direction that vaping is evolving. Most of all, is all the friends I’ve made along the journey. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many new people and having strong friendships develop with them, which is something I am always grateful for.”Vape Culture Coil Builder @alukasaur

Q. How long after you started vaping did you get into rebuilding?  

A. “About 3 months, I started re-building on Smokeless Image T3s, haha.”

Q. I am obsessed with #coilporn. I think the combination of artistry and skill is just beautiful. What fueled your passion for doing different coil builds? Do you see coil building as a creative outlet, or is it just a practical means to an end for getting a perfect vape?

A. “In my opinion, it’s a little bit of both. I started really paying attention to coil builds about a year ago just because I thought it looked cool. It gave me something that i could do with my hands, and have something pretty to put on Instagram. After trying out some of the builds people were doing, I started noticing how some of them improved the vape quality. Some builds would give off less dry hits, some would have increased flavor, some made it a hotter or cooler vape, and some just plain looked cool. Upon realizing the properties of some of the coils I was making, it really peaked my interest and instantly made me try anything and everything. Vaping was now a whole new ball game.”

Q. If I asked you for a “verbal” hand check, can you tell us you are rocking? Is that your day to day mod? If not what is you go-to mod for daily use? And do you have different set ups for different objectives?

A. “Easy, Sigelei 150 Watt with my franken-plumeveil. This is easily my EDC. 8 wraps 22g, dual coil, 0.24 ohms, amazing vape every time. My franken-plumeveil is a little bit of a crazy creation. It involves an authentic deck, with a clone barrel, and a chuff cap with custom “vortex” wholes a very good friend of mine drilled out for me. I definitely have different set-ups for different duties. My dark horse is simply for my pretty builds, whereas my mutation is meant for my single coils, or my derringer is meant for stealth. Each atty has a different task.”

Q. When you build- are you usually building for better flavour, or better vapor production? And do you have a favourite for either, or both? What is your methodology for building?

A. “That’s tough. I usually build something that looks cool, and hope for the best. Usually I builds for better vapor production, because with it always comes the flavor, and usually heat. Vapor production wise, I really like twisted builds which involve staged heating. Lately I’ve loved 22 paralleled with twisted 26. Flavor wise, Claptons all the way. But I’ve been wanting to try a staggered fused Clapton! In terms of a methodology, I usually just build something cool and complicated, and hope for the best! Usually I can find some reason why it was worth the time to make. Haha.”

Q. What is your favorite build/set up for flavor and what is your favorite build/setup for “Cloud Chasing“?

A. “In terms of flavor, Fused Clapton (24g core, 32g outer) wins hands down. With all the ridges, it really promotes the crisp notes I love. For cloud chasing, my favorite would have to go with a Chain coil (all 26g) ran parallel with 22g. There flavor and vapor to be had with every nook and cranny in that thing!”

Q. Based on your experience and your journey so far, what (safe) advice would you give to someone who is interested in getting into wrapping custom coils?

A. “Understand electricity, and how electronic cigarettes work. Understand Ohm’s law. Know and fully understand the basics. Own an ohm reader. Use safe batteries, and look at the charts. Know what battery sag is, and know what the limits of your battery are. Buy a cheap drill or a REALLY heavy mug. Have tools; precision screwdrivers from dollarama are great! And have patience! Out of those, ohming everything out before firing them is by far the most important. With large, creatively insane builds, shorts can happen at any time, and you really need to pay attention to the coil when you’re building it. If you short out, you could easy ruin the build, or worse, and vent a battery. With getting into this, battery safety comes first and is by far the most important aspect of building.”

You can check out some of Luke’s builds here on our page. To keep up with what’s happening in Luke’s world, please show him some love on his Instagram page @alukasaur is where you will find him! And don’t forget to pop into the shop sometime to compare build notes, or just have a vape with Luke- chances are you will find him at the build counter!