Jason is a Kick Ash Vapes Customer, a professional photographer, a little bit of a “jack of all trades”, and a Canadian vape enthusiast who was nice enough to share his passion for building rad coils and sharing his build pics. We started up a conversation recently, which led to the idea of sharing his pictures. He graciously agreed to do a little Q&A and in so doing helped us create our first spotlight featuring one aspect of our amazing Vape Culture.

Q.  I am always interested in knowing what every vapers journey has been like. Can you tell me how long have you been vaping, and in what way has it influenced your life?

A. “Well first off Carrie I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for choosing me to be Kick Ash Vapes first featured builder on your site.
My last analog (smoke) was last October 2014, after smoking for nearly 25 years it had to stop. I had to do something to start feeling better. And not more than 4 days after things were looking pretty good. Initially I chose vaping as a means to an end, an end to never ending mornings of hacking up a lung, smelling like a dirty ash trey and generally just feeling like crap. And don’t even get me started on the amount of cash I was pissing down the drain killing my self. So my girlfriend and I made a pact to quit together and so we did.”

Q. How long after you started vaping did you get into rebuilding?

A. “ I started vaping in Oct 2014. I was using an eGo with a Nautilus tank. Then the hunger started and I had the urge for more. I joined pages, watched a ton of videos, and read pages and pages of forums. Fortunately, we became very good friends with the gentleman that owned the shop we got our first setup from, and from there, (roughly a month or so later), I upgraded from the eGo and Nautilus to a Sigelei 100. I had the power now but I was intrigued by the world of dripping. I tried my first RDA and that was it, I was hooked!
I’ve been building coils ever since. In fact, I bought my first and only so far, authentic (454 Big Block) from your Kick Ash Vapes. I wish all my drippers were authentic but hey what can ya’ do!”

Q. I am obsessed with #coilporn. I think the combination of artistry and skill is just beautiful. What fuelled your passion for doing different coil builds? Do you see coil building as a creative outlet, or is it just a practical means to an end for getting a perfect vape?

super fused clapton-8

A. “Ah yes, the other edge of the sword in the dripping world. To be honest I just wanted good results from start, but as all newbies go it was disastrous lol. Wasted yards of Kanthal and patience… so I stopped. I had to step back and reassess my decision in building. I chose not to give up. So I learned my Ohm’s Law, bought some good tools and started again.
I build purely based on one thing, precision, so yeah I would say a creative outlet with a dash of perfectionism. But there is always other key components that play a huge part depend on the RDA, what kind of juice and/or I’m using at the time…
I literally wake up saying ‘Today I want to create a storm in my living room’ So I go big!
So I guess the answer to your questions could be all of the above. And most of all Safety first!”

Q. Based on your experience and your journey so far, what (safe) advice would you give to someone who is interested in getting into wrapping custom coils?

A. “SAFETY is key and should never being overlooked, EVER. I haven’t had a battery vent on me yet, knock on wood, nor should anyone have that happen for that matter, it’s totally preventable. Perhaps it may have something to do with practicing regimental safety! Battery safety is number one. Learn your ‘oHms law’, never take for anything with that kind of power for granted. Know you gear! Educate yourself first. I could go on and on with regards to safety, just know one thing. Just because you can hold it in the palm of your hand doesn’t mean it can’t seriously hurt you. We’re talking about some incredibly high amounts of current. So please be safe.”

Q. If I asked you for a “verbal” hand check, can you tell us what you are rocking? Is that your day to day mod? If not what is you go-to mod for daily use? And do you have different set ups for different objectives?

A. “Up until yesterday, I’ve been rock’n my Sigelei 100w and Atlantis. I’ve just recently added a Sigelei 150w. So now the Sig150w and Delta II tank is the new daily set up. I retired the Atlantis and gave it to my girlfriend so she can use it on her new iStick50w. She doesn’t drip though, she likes her tank. I now have quite a few RDA’s in my collection including the 454 Big Block, Dark Horse, Trident, Plume, Hobo and Doge V3. Along with my 2 Sigelei’s I also have an HCigar Nemeisis mod and a Stingray X. All are unfortunately clones (for the exception of the 454 and Sigs) but I do the best I can with what I have to work with.”

Q. When you build- are you usually building for better flavour, or better vapor production? And do you have a favourite for either, or both? What is your methodology for building?

super fused clapton-11A. “Well there are a few factors involved. Sometimes I just slap a 22g parallel in on a Sunday morning and laze around on the couch chucking clouds all day with both great flavour and cloud production. But sometimes I rack my brain asking my self ‘How the heck am I going to fit this crazy coil in such a small place?’ Sometimes I’ll see a post or pic and say that’s the next build! So do I have a method to my madness? Not really, but I do love those technical twisted flattened over wrapped works of art the most. I have good build days and bad ones, just like everyone does I guess. I just build the way I love- because I love the intensity and precision behind the science of it. The power, the energy… the great glowing coils of goodness.”


Thank you Jason for taking the time to share your experiences with us, we appreciate your awesome pictures and are honoured that you allowed us to feature your Vaping Journey. You can see more of Jason and his builds on his Instagram account, please show him your love and follow him @paradawx72, (Update @subohmsociety_gwn).

Stay tuned for more great articles, and if you are interested in being the subject of our next feature, please contact @kickashvapes!