Sriracha Vape Comapny e-liquid at Kick Ash Vapes

Hot, Mild and Fire. Three sizzling flavors for you courtesy of the Sriracha Vape Company e-liquid.

The Sriracha Vape Company e-liquid line has landed in Canada and is now available Kick Ash Vapes.

The makers  have cleverly taken one of our favorite icons and successfully turned it into a premium e-liquid line. While the e-liquid flavors are not based on the Yummy Spicy Sriracha flavor that we all know and love, they are still Hot (as in super cool). Yes, we know the premise might be a bit kitschy, but the flavors are surprisingly good, and the combinations unique enough to warrant checking them out. There are three flavors available to sample.

Fire is the most intense flavor of the Sriracha Vape Company e-liquid Lineup. It’s a throwback to red strawberry licorice. This is a profile that will instill nostalgia in most vapers. Even people that might not have liked the RedVines candy may take to this flavor.

Sriracha Vape Company’s Hot Flavor is a blend of Tangy Yogurt, Exotic Vanilla Bean and Sweet Ripe Pears. This juice has a very balanced flavor profile with the tang of Yogurt tempered by sweet Pear which allows the Vanilla Bean to leave you wanting another taste after every vape.

The Mild flavor from the Sriracha Vape Company e-liquid Lineup is a light bodied, Spiced Apple Cider. Accurate apple tones on the inhale are layered between striations of fall spices on the exhale combining in a mild yet complex flavor profile perfect for an all day vape.

You can check out all three of the flavors in-store and online at Sriracha Vape Company e-liquid We usually have a shop favorite for new lines, but with this one it’s a toss up, all three flavors have been doing really well! The line comes in 30ml Sriracha shaped bottles and are $27 CDN.