Catatonic, Sicker Than Most, Deviant and MBYC. Four premium flavours for your vaping pleasure.

Using only the best ingredients available, Sicboy Industries e-liquids are all designed to be all day vapes, and never tire the palate. Isn’t it time you got down with the Sicness?

After months of long nights experimenting, tweaking, and a great deal of trial and error, the Sicboy team came out on the other side with 4 flavors of juice that have exploded onto the vaping scene with a great deal of fanfare.

Deviant. You know how every cherry eliquid you’ve tried tastes like cough syrup? Not anymore! Sicboy knocked it out of the park with Deviant, a sweet, decadent, warm cherry strudel, covered in rich, melty vanilla ice cream. 100% cough syrup-free.
Primary Flavours: Cherry, Ice Cream, Strudel

M.B.Y.C. An extra creamy pralines and cream with a vanilla custard back note, Sicboy Style.
Primary Flavors: Praline, Vanilla Ice Cream, Custard

Sicboy Sicker Than Most. A creamy strawberry/tangerine with a hint of blueberry designed to be an all day vape.
Primary Flavours: Strawberry, Tangerine, Blueberry

Catatonic. A sweet blueberry cheese cake topped with a light cinnamon crumble.
Primary Flavours: Blueberry, Cheesecake.

You can pick up these amazing flavours for $24.50 CDN, 30mls glass Bottles!