There’s a new addition to the Kick Ash Vapes family of Premium e-liquid offerings… it’s Encode e-liquid.

Encode e-liquid is a new premium line from the fabulous VapeMeet team. Mr. Charlie “FunkyVapes” Pisano one of VapeMeet’s founders (and juice maker extraordinaire) is a pioneer in the Canadian Vape industry, particularly in the juice making sector. He and his team at Vapemeet are responsible for successful e-liquid lines such as Captain Oliver’s Custards and Puddings and Toronto Juice Company. And Mr. Pisano himself put’s the original “Funk” in the Funk Sauce e-liquid line.

They are avid supporters of the Vape scene in Canada. From contests to shows, Vape Meets and educational series these guy’s and gals have their hand in everything that helps support vapers on their journey. The VapeMeet team also are active supporters in professional associations like the Canadian Vaping Association and have helped bring vapers trade shows like VapeCan 2015. They are also working on the upcoming Canada’s Vape Expo. And we are proud to call the team at Vapemeet our friends.

The team has definitely done a great job with their new premium line Encode e-liquid and their passion for perfection really shows. We are pleased to be able to be able to continue to support our fine Canadian juice makers and to offer their newest creation in our shop.

The design aesthetic for Encode e-liquid is simplistic and stunning. The Encode e-liquid line comes beautifully packaged in a 30ml Glass Bottle with Dripper.

White- Fresh. Powdered. Doughnut
Fuchsia- Pomegranate. Cherry. Cantaloupe
Violet- Blueberry. Strawberry. Smoothie

All of the flavors have been well met in the shop so far, with the White coming out as the current Favorite. All three Encode e-liquid flavors (and the rest of VapeMeet’s lines) are available to sample at your next visit in store and we hope that you will take the time to check them out and find your favorite-  you will not be disappointed!

Encode e-liquid a new premuim Canadian E-liquid

Encode Premium e-liquid.