Commando Crunch e-liquid is Kick Ash Vapes newest addition to our High VG lineup. It is reminiscent of Saturday Mornings past- spent in front of the Television eating your favorite bowl of cereal while watching cartoons and wrestling, or maybe cartoons who wrestle? We don’t need to know if you enjoy your Saturday mornings Commando style, we just want to deliver you an amazing yummy mixed cereal flavor has a nice creamy/milky note with a great Crunch finish.

We had a soft launch of Commando Crunch e-liquid in June and our testers agree this one is a hit! Our brave Guiney Pigs are saying that this flavor shines both in a tank and a dripper, sub ohm…not a problem for this sweet concoction.

You can click this  Commando Crunch e-liquid 15ml/ 30 ml link to find it online, or next time you are in the store ask your salesperson to try it.

Sometimes you just cant tell whether or not you are going to really like an e-liquid when you try it in our shop, especially if you have been checking out several different e-liquids. So for our commitment shy vapers we offer neat take home samples so you can really get to know what Kick Ash Vapes e-liquid is all about! And if you are an online customer, chances are you have had some free samples included in your orders. You can email and request specific e-liquid samples like Commando Crunch e-liquid to be added to your next order if want to see what all the fuss is about, but you aren’t 100% committed. E-liquid samples are available in 3mg and 6mg strengths.

Want to go big? If you like your e-liquid Super Sized, not to worry, Commando Crunch e-liquid 130mls will be released soon.

Stay tuned, because we have more exciting additions to come in the near future.


Commando Crunch