Whiteout SX DeconstructThe Cloudmaker Whiteout SX, the first configuration of Cloudmaker Tech’s modular, future-proof, user-customizable personal vaporizer is now available at Kick Ash Vapes.

The Whiteout SX unit, comes fully-assembled & QC-tested with YiHi’s renowned SX350J Temperature Control chipset in a dual-18650 configuration, outputting up to 150W!

The genius of the Whiteout SX is that you can interchange and customize every part of it, from changing the color and material of your device’s panels, to upgrading/swapping your chip itself without soldering or special skills. This future-proof flexibility is thanks to our modular design & specially-developed Build Kits, which are based on community requests and released regularly to expand the possible factory-supported configurations of the Whiteout SX.

The Cloudmaker movement is strong, and they have big pans to inspire a maker community with innovative design of the Whiteout SX and future builds as well….

“We believe that the future of vapor technology is dependent on community-driven innovation, and such a movement requires an open-source, future-proof and endlessly customizable platform. Our dream is to inspire the growth of a true maker community around the Whiteout — More than just a product, we’re creating a means of empowering vapers to realize their ideas about their perfect vape. In service to that community, we’re releasing our CAD files, developing open-source firmware, and creating a Knowledge Base. By putting the tools of creation in the hands of a self-motivated, informed community, we hope to elicit a paradigm shift in the vaping industry.”

I encourage you to check them out check them out online at Cloudmaker Technologies and see what they are all about, they have a wealth of information on their site. They also have a DNA version ofht eWhiteout available and have future plans to release a Whiteout with their own operating system soon.

Don’t forget to go here to visit our shopping site to pick up your Whiteout SX and panel kits while they last at Kick Ash Vapes.