The Border North Vape Show is an online weekly vaping related show on the VapeMeet Network. Vaper Al Ohm, a friend to the shop and all around great guy is the super host, and we are honored to be one of their sponsors!
Please join him this week and every Thursday to chat, hangout, vape and win free stuff!!
Showtime starts at 7 Pacific/ 10 Eastern.
Two new sponsors tonight! Kick Ash Vapes and Maple Leaf Vapes. Drop by tonight to welcome them and thank all our sponsors for supporting you; our fabulous viewers. Hardware and lots of eliquid up for grabs tonight.
The chat from has been integrated on the site so you’ll need an account with them in order to participate. It’s easy to do, and it only takes a minute, and then you will be able to check out The Border North Vape Show and other great shows throughout the week as well!

The After Show UPDATE:  The Border North Vape Show on VapeMeet network is officially Awesome! I know this, because I had a chance to go on last night and have a quick visit with the host Al Ohm. I was most impressed with both the friendliness of the host Al Ohm and all of the participants, they were very welcoming and funny! There were lots of vendors who stopped by to say hi and give gifts to the masses, and there was a good sized audience of about 60 people (my non scientific guess).  There was some solid general vaping knowledge and lots of Canadian specific juice knowledge being passed around as well- and I would say that this is definitely a great venue if you are newer to vaping and looking for a friendly show to ask questions and meet people in the community. If you have time on Thursday nights, I recommend that you logon to The Border North Vape Show, and be sure to say hi for me!