“A friend of mine wanted to kick the habit so informed him of vaping. Brought him to your shop the other day and introduced him while he was getting a intro. to info. it gave me a chance for a looksy and some other questions I had. Want to say thanks to everyone at Kick Ash, you’re all a great bunch of peeps. My friend walked out with his first kit and I walked out with my second within three days for a back up. A BIG THANK YOU!!!! for throwing in both the cases, that was very courteous of ya’s. Word travels by mouth quickly about a good business and yours will prosper I am sure! A promise I will make, anyone that I know that wants to quit smoking this is a definite breakthrough in my opinion ,to get rid of that filthy habit once in for all and for sure I will kick them your way!! See ya’s soon! Keith”
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“Amazing establishment, amazing service , amazing products ,and most of all amazing staff and people !!!”
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