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Cloudmaker Whiteout SX

The Cloudmaker Whiteout SX, the first configuration of Cloudmaker Tech’s modular, future-proof, user-customizable personal vaporizer is now available at Kick Ash Vapes.

The Whiteout SX unit, comes fully-assembled & QC-tested with YiHi’s renowned SX350J Temperature Control chipset in a dual-18650 configuration, outputting up to 150W!

The genius of the Whiteout SX is that you can interchange and customize every part of it, from changing the color and material of your device’s panels, to upgrading/swapping your chip itself without soldering or special skills. This […]

Sriracha Vape Company e-liquid

  • August 8th, 2015

The Sriracha Vape Company e-liquid line has landed in Canada and is now available Kick Ash Vapes.
The makers  have cleverly taken one of our favorite icons and successfully turned it into a premium e-liquid line. While the e-liquid flavors are not based on the Yummy Spicy Sriracha flavor that we all know and love, they are still Hot (as in super cool). Yes, we know the premise might be a bit kitschy, but the flavors are surprisingly good, and the combinations unique enough to warrant […]

Fun at VapeCan

  • August 6th, 2015

We have lots of pics from VapeCan 2015 that we need to share with you! Stay Tuned fore more pics in the near future!

Encode e-liquid, a new Addition to the Family

  • August 6th, 2015

There’s a new addition to the Kick Ash Vapes family of Premium e-liquid offerings… it’s Encode e-liquid.
Encode e-liquid is a new premium line from the fabulous VapeMeet team. Mr. Charlie “FunkyVapes” Pisano one of VapeMeet’s founders (and juice maker extraordinaire) is a pioneer in the Canadian Vape industry, particularly in the juice making sector. He and his team at Vapemeet are responsible for successful e-liquid lines such as Captain Oliver’s Custards and Puddings and Toronto Juice Company. And Mr. Pisano himself put’s the original “Funk” in the Funk Sauce e-liquid […]

  • Commando Crunch e-liquid

Commando Crunch e-liquid

  • July 8th, 2015

Commando Crunch e-liquid is Kick Ash Vapes newest addition to our High VG lineup. It is reminiscent of Saturday Mornings past- spent in front of the Television eating your favorite bowl of cereal while watching cartoons and wrestling, or maybe cartoons who wrestle? We don’t need to know if you enjoy your Saturday mornings Commando style, we just want to deliver you an amazing yummy mixed cereal flavor has a nice creamy/milky note with a great Crunch finish.

We had a soft launch of Commando Crunch e-liquid in June and our testers agree this one is […]

SicBoy Industries e-Liquid

  • May 15th, 2015

Using only the best ingredients available, Sicboy Industries e-liquids are all designed to be all day vapes, and never tire the palate. Isn’t it time you got down with the Sicness?

After months of long nights experimenting, tweaking, and a great deal of trial and error, the Sicboy team came out on the other side with 4 flavors of juice that have exploded onto the vaping scene with a great deal of fanfare.

Deviant. You know how every cherry eliquid you’ve tried tastes like cough syrup? […]

Vape Culture Builders Spotlight on RDA Coil Artisan, Luke


Mr. Luke Vernon is the second builder to be featured in our Builders Spotlight feature where we feature different aspects of the amazing Vape Culture that we are proud to belong to and support. If every vape shop was lucky enough to have a guy like Luke hanging out at their build counter, they would be blessed! That said, we certainly feel fortunate that you can often find Luke sitting at our build counter, tools out playing with his favourite RDA’s, creating some […]

  • Niagara Sub-Ohm Crew’s Spring ’15 Vape Meet

Niagara Sub-Ohm Crew’s Spring ’15 Vape Meet

If you enjoy getting lost in the clouds and didn’t get a chance to attend the Niagara Sub-Ohm Crew’s Spring ’15 Vape Meet, its ok! There will be more meets in the future!

The Niagara Sub-Ohm Crew’s spring social was held April 11th 2015, and after a quick venue change, the meet was moved to Ghost Bar Niagara. Boy did we luck out, as those Ghost Bar guys sure know how to throw a party! The owners went all out for our event, not only donating […]

UPDATED- Live tonight, The Border North Vape Show

  • April 23rd, 2015

The Border North Vape Show is an online weekly vaping related show on the VapeMeet Network. Vaper Al Ohm, a friend to the shop and all around great guy is the super host, and we are honored to be one of their sponsors!
Please join him this week and every Thursday to chat, hangout, vape and win free stuff!!
Showtime starts at 7 Pacific/ 10 Eastern.
Two new sponsors tonight! Kick Ash Vapes and Maple Leaf Vapes. Drop by tonight to welcome them and thank all our […]

  • Vape Culture Q and A – Jason

Vape Culture Q and A – Jason

Jason is a Kick Ash Vapes Customer, a professional photographer, a little bit of a “jack of all trades”, and a Canadian vape enthusiast who was nice enough to share his passion for building rad coils and sharing his build pics. We started up a conversation recently, which led to the idea of sharing his pictures. He graciously agreed to do a little Q&A and in so doing helped us create our first spotlight featuring one aspect of our amazing Vape […]